Roller Blinds

When it comes to function and affordability, the Roller Blind is the way to go. Simple yet stylish and the designer options are endless. Here at Ashani we have a huge range of colours and styles from light filtering to room darkening. We have many differant suppliers to find the best price for the look you want.

Translucent/Screen Roller Blind

Translucent Roller Blinds give you the benifit of privacy while allowing natural light into your home. These fabrics eliminate glare, reflect UV rays and diffuse light.

Screen Roller Blinds offer the benefits of natural light in your home with, while still maintaining your view. These blind fabrics allow you to see out, while still eliminating glare, reflecting UV rays and diffusing the light.

Room Darkening/Blockout Roller Blind

Room Darkening Roller Blinds are great options for living areas that get alot of sun. These fabrics allow specks of light to come through but still keep the room dark.

Blockout Roller Blinds blockout the light coming into the room, excellent options for bedrooms. 

Double Roller Blind

Double Roller Blinds - By having two roller blinds on the one bracket you get twice the control over you light and views. One translucent blind and one blockout blind for total light control. Each blind is controlled separately, enjoy the flexibility of soft diffused light, partial blockout, or full blockout coverage for complete privacy and darkness.