Get year round use of your outdoor living areas with Patio Blinds and Outdoor Blinds. Protect your outdoor furnishings from the sun, wind and rain. Get the look you want for your home with our wide range of styles and fabrics, including canvas, acrylic, mesh and PVC. 


Straight Drop Awnings are perfect for enclosing outdoor living areas for both privacy and/or weather protection. Made to suit your specific needs and designed to maximise the use of your outdoor areas all year round without creating a visual barrier.


Drop-Arm Awnings are a great option for shading any type of window. Drop-Arm Awning arms pivot in an arc extending and retracting the fabric skin. With a larger area between the awning and the window air circulation is much better. Ideal for wind out and casement windows Drop-Arm Awnings are an excellent solution to reducing the total heat load to your home.


Canopy Fabric Awnings are made to size and are available in a wide variety of shapes ensuring that there is an awning to suit your needs. Made with an understructure of metal and covered in a wide range of durable fabrics your Canopy Awning will last for years.


Create a cool shaded outdoor area with a Folding Arm Awning. Folding Arm Awning is a retractable awning that extends the space of your outdoor living area. Heavy-duty retractable arms can reach a projection of up to 3.6 metres without supports. Folding Arm Awnings can span up to 18 metres in width. When not in use Folding Arm awnings can be rolled out of sight. Operation is simple with options including manual crank or motorisation. Folding Arm Awnings can also be installed with an easy to use pitch control.